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Buy quality welded wire mesh

welded wire mesh is also called steel wire mesh. It is most commonly used in exterior wall insulation in the construction industry. When purchasing welded wire mesh, you should buy it carefully. The quality of the welded wire mesh determines the quality and safety of the wall and the safety of the building. With the continuous improvement of the type of welded wire mesh, there are many welded wire meshes on the market. So how to choose the welded wire mesh you need? The following is a brief introduction to the points to be aware of when choosing a welded wire mesh.

 First, choose welding mesh according to material

Specifically include the following

1. Check the thickness of the wire diameter, the size of the mesh, the material, and the number of meters of the welded wire. These points will affect the price of the welded wire. The customer must make a judgment and analysis based on the above points.

2. When viewing the diameter of the welded wire mesh, the error of 0.0 is basically invisible to the naked eye. In the case of the same mesh, you can know the thickness of the wire diameter by looking at the weight of the net. The heavier the net, the higher the price.

3. Check the mesh of the welded mesh. With the development of the mesh, the mesh is getting bigger and bigger, for example: the original 1 / 2-inch welded mesh is 12.7mm, now it is 13.5-15mm.

4. Distinguish welded wire mesh materials: cold galvanized (more exported), hot galvanized (high price, strong anti-corrosion ability), electroplating (bright and smooth).

Second, according to the needs of the purchase of welded wire mesh

Understanding the use of welded wire mesh can make us better use and save time.

1. Poultry breeding

When breeding poultry, the use of welded wire as a fence can save space and is beautiful. Not only can these poultry enjoy good sunshine, but also it is easy for the owner to manage.

Attraction fence

Now the fences of some tourist attractions are also completed with welded wire mesh, which can not only let people see the beauty in the fence, but also prevent tourists from destroying the beauty. welded wire mesh is being widely used in various industries.